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EOI: Engagement of Service Provider for Waste Management/Disposal

The Institute of Human Virology (IHVN) is a leading and reputable non-governmental organization with service and research programs on infectious such as HIV, tuberculosis, and other emerging and re-emerging infections; and non-infectious diseases including non-communicable diseases and cancers. IHVN is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, capacity building, training, research, and providing care and support services. IHVN operates through partnership with local and international organizations and the different tiers of the government of Nigeria at national, state and local levels. The Institute’s vision is to be a leader in providing quality health services, capacity building and research in West Africa and beyond.

Expression of Interest TitleEngagement of Service Provider for Waste Management/Disposal
Reports to: Administration Department
Location:IHVN Campus, Abuja
Contract Duration:Contract is for one year but renewable based on the availability of funds and performance

We currently have an opportunity to engage a waste disposal company to manage solid and liquid biomedical wastes being generated from the clinical diagnostics and research laboratories at the IHVN campus.

Required Services

  • Work with the Administrative and Laboratory Departments to evacuate wastes being generated at IHVN’s offices and laboratories which comprise of two seven floors buildings at the IHVN campus
  • Evacuate waste at least once a week from the offices and the laboratories at IHVN campus
  • Provide appropriate waste bins for solid and liquid waste including biomedical waste from the offices and the laboratories at IHVN campus from where the wastes will be picked
  • Evacuating sewage waste at regular intervals
  • Ensure the safe and efficient handling and disposal of all solid and liquid waste

Instructions/Requirements for EOI

  • EOI must include company profile and the profile should (i) demonstrate the capacity to safely dispose biomedical solid and liquid waste including the use of autoclaves, incinerators, and other safe means for toxic waste (ii) must show proof of familiarity with health safety regulations including for the different categories of pathogens including Category A, B and C Priority Pathogens
  • Must include proof of registration with the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) and have a current registration certificate
  • All EOI must be in ink or type written, submission in pencil will not be accepted
  • EOI must be properly sealed
  • Submission must include copies of tax clearance certificates for the past three years
  • Evidence of at least two similar jobs made in the past for IHVN/other organizations etc
  • Proof of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • Proof of DUNS certification
  • The validity period for all proposed rates must be stated as: 90 days from the date of this bid’s expiration

EOI Start Date and Time:  08th June 2022
EOI Deadline Date/ Time:  14th June 2022

The title of the EOI should be written on the “Top Left Hand Corner” of the envelope and addressed/submitted to:

Deputy Director, Supply Chain Management,
Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria(IHVN)

IHVN Campus, 6th Floor,

Plot 62, Emeritus Umaru Shehu Avenue, Cadastral Zone COO,

After BAZE University, Off CITEC Road, Abuja-NIGERIA.Tel: +234 (0) 9 4610342