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Human Resources Unit

Human Resources Unit

Human Resources

About The Human Resources Unit

The unit is responsible for human resource management. It ensures that staff are treated with empathy, equity and fairness and have good working conditions.  We consciously and continually aim to increase motivation, sense of satisfaction and team work for increased productivity and achievement of organizational goals.

Our core areas are,

  • Management support services: staffing and staff development which includes recruitment, selection/placement processes, staff orientation, postings/transfers, discipline, assessment and staff performance, record keeping, leave management, capacity building and training.
  • Staff Benefits: staff insurance, health Insurance, general insurance and retirement benefits, etc.
  • Employee relations manages staff interpersonal relationship, communication, industrial relations, conflict management, attendance/movement management, provision and implementation of staff policies, organization and management of all ad hoc and temporary staff.

Unit contact email: [email protected]

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