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Business Development Unit

Business Development Unit

Business Development Unit

Our Business Development Services.

The Business Development Unit (BDU) drives the Institute’s strategic plan in generating funds for sustainability. Our core mandate is to find sources of local funding within Nigeria and strengthen collaboration with the private sector. This is to supplement existing grant funding and contribute to Institute’s overall goal of providing hope for the Nigerian people.

Our activities focus on these three areas:

  • Recommending contract/tender opportunities to the relevant IHVN units to assess the organization's ability to execute such jobs.
  • Handling the commercialization of IHVN products and services such as, IHVN inventions (Water Safe, Action Meal), laboratory testing, laboratory equipment maintenance, training programs, and Information Technology services.
  • Seeking out opportunities to collaborate with other organizations within the organization’s scope of interest.
  • Collaborating with corporate organizations through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

We work with other units to conceptualize business ideas, write business proposals, business plans and marketing plans, to assess budgets and to get feedback about executed jobs.

Unit contact email: [email protected]


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