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Dr. Sam Peters

Personal Information

Dr. Sam Peters

Senior Technical Advisor Clinical Laboratory Services

Achievements & Awards

  • Education Qualifications :
    University of Cambridge
  • Professional Qualifications :
    MPhil, PhD

Brief About Dr. Sam Peters


Dr. Sam Peters gives technical guidance for the provision of quality laboratory services for HIV and TB programs implemented by the Institute.   He played a major role in overseeing the smooth roll out of Early Infant Diagnosis for HIV/AIDS at hospitals supported by IHVN as well as led in personnel capacity building and in the identification of the first case of avian influenza in human in Nigeria.

While serving as IHVN Director Clinical Laboratory Services and Laboratory Training, Dr. Peters led in curriculum development for Clinical Laboratory Trainings, and in HIV gene sequencing and genotyping. He was also responsible for overseeing infrastructural upgrades of laboratories across the country, quality improvement activities and programs to improve laboratory services to people living with HIV across the country.

Currently, he is the lead for IHVN partnership in the Fleming Fund Program helping to tackle anti-microbial resistance in Nigeria. The program is focused on improving laboratories and surveillance of anti-microbial resistance.

Dr. Peters attended the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria and the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom for his undergraduate and doctoral trainings, respectively. He was a Senior Academic at Cambridge University’s School of Clinical Medicine, and at the same time a Visiting Scientist at the Medical Research Council’s UK Human Genome Mapping Project, Resource Center, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK. He loves traveling, reading and sports in general.